Ann Kent

China and porcelain decorated with ceramic paints and kilned to 800c to give a permanent finish. Commemorative pieces for special occasions such as anniversaries undertaken. All crafts are inspired by nature and the natural dales habitats.

Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre

Henshaws is a northern charity supporting people living with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to go beyond expectations. Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre is based in Knaresborough and has been working with differently abled people for 24 years. The centre nurtures the creativity of artists of mixed abilities: artmakers with no formal training but for whom creating is an integral part of their being. The centre runs numerous arts based workshops ranging from painting and printmaking to drama and music. It is an inspiring and hugely creative place and members of the public are welcome to come in and take a look around and chat to the art makers as they work. There is a cafe and shop on site and beautiful gardens and art work to enjoy. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for we do welcome commissions.